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Starting with inboxing

With our AI-powered platform, the possibilities for your email inboxing are limitless.
95% Inbox placement rate


Transactional Emails

Send with assurance, confident that your emails will reach their destination.


Email API

Our global infrastructure allows for easy scaling of millions of emails per month through integration with our RESTful API or SMTP relay.


Email Marketing

Collect leads and subscribers, make visually appealing newsletters, establish campaigns, and seamlessly automate them.

Craft Your Code, We'll Handle the Mail.

From instant transactional email setups to seamless integration with your site or application, our robust Email API service caters to all your email requirements. With 13 years of industry presence, we've honed a dependable and economical mailing solution that's ready for integration in just minutes.

$client = new Mailerever\Client('', 'your-api-key');
$message = new Mailerever\Send\Message();
$message->to('[email protected]');
$message->from('[email protected]');
$message->subject('Hi there!');
$message->plainBody('Hello world!');
$message->htmlBody('<html><body>Hello world!</body></html>');
Install dependencies
$ npm i axios
// Require the axios library for making HTTP requests const axios = require('axios'); // Define the email object with sender and recipient details, and the email content const email = { from: { name: 'My awesome startup', email: '[email protected]', }, recipients: [{ name: 'Someone', email: '[email protected]', }], content: { subject: 'Sample email', text_body: 'Plain text body', html_body: '<p>This is the <b>HTML</b> body</p>', }, }; // Make a POST request to the mail service API to send the email'', email, { headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'X-Api-Key': 'YOUR-API-KEY', } }) .then((response) => { // Log the response from the mail service console.log(response); });
# Install dependencies
$ python -m pip install requests

import requests
email = {
    'from': {
        'name': 'My awesome startup',
        'email': '[email protected]',
    'recipients': [
            'name': 'Someone',
            'email': '[email protected]',
    'content': {
        'subject': 'Sample email',
        'text_body': 'Plain text body',
        'html_body': '<p>This is the <b>HTML</b> body</p>',
headers = {
    'X-Api-Key': 'YOUR_API_KEY',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json'
r ='', json=email, headers=headers)
// Install dependencies
$ go get

email := gomail.NewMessage()
email.SetAddressHeader("From", "[email protected]", "My awesome startup")
email.SetAddressHeader("To", "[email protected]", "Someone")
email.SetHeader("Subject", "Sample email")
email.SetBody("text/plain", "Plain text body")
email.SetBody("text/html", "

This is the HTML body

") // Port can be 25, 2525, or 587 d := gomail.NewDialer("", 587, "YOUR_SMTP_USERNAME", "YOUR_SMTP_PASSWORD") if err := d.DialAndSend(email); err != nil { log.Fatal(err) }
# Install dependencies
$ gem install httparty

require 'httparty'

class Mailerever
  include HTTParty

  base_uri ''
  headers 'X-Api-Key' => ENV['AHASEND_API_KEY'], 'Content-Type' => 'application/json'

  def initialize(from_name:, from_email:)
    @from_name = from_name
    @from_email = from_email

  def send_email(subject:, html_body:, recipient_email:, recipient_name: nil, text_body

Seamless SMTP Integration

Experience hassle-free integration with our SMTP relay. Instantly connect your applications or websites and star sending emails with unparalleled ease.

Your complete solution for sending transactional emails

By using Mailerever, you can effortlessly email bills, delivery updates, and forgotten password links—all without lifting a finger.

Scalable Email Delivery

Whether it's a handful or millions of emails, Mailerever adapts to your needs.

SMTP Relay

Instantly connect with SMTP for seamless email dispatch from your application or website.

Versatile Domain Use

Manage diverse brands or products under a single Mailerever account with our multiple domain support.

IP Allowlisting

Enhance security by limiting API and SMTP access to specific IP addresses.

Inbound Email Routing

Seamlessly incorporate incoming emails into your applications.

Simplified Integration

Choose from 7 SDKs and our robust email API for easy integration into your tech stack.

IP and Domain Warmup

Warmup your ip and domain while using our SMTP relay to ensure a smooth and efficient email delivery process.

Why Choose Mailerever?

Our communication tools simplify and enhance business interactions, ensuring clarity, engagement, and better connections with users.


Flexible Template Choices

Choose from an array of ready-made email templates or craft your own using our trio of sophisticated building tools.


Prompt, Dependable Assistance

Access round-the-clock technical support from our approachable, expert team. They offer genuine, effective solutions whenever you need them.


Easy configuration

There is no easier way to connect to our SMTP relay. You can begin sending in a matter of minutes after entering your login data into your program.

Scalable Email Delivery

Whether it's a modest email batch or a surge into millions, our platform scales with your needs. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to expand your reach as your business grows.

Clear price with no hidden fees

No surprises, just three easy plans. obtain started with 3,000 emails each month at no cost, and if you need more or want more features, you may upgrade to obtain a better price.


3k - ∞ emails

Free $1.00/1000 Extra Emails

  • Email API & SMTP relay.
  • Optimized transactional Emails
  • 5 Domains.
  • Tracking & analytics.
  • Customer support.
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50k - ∞ emails

Starting at $30

  • Email API & SMTP relay.
  • Optimized transactional Emails
  • 5 Domains.
  • Tracking & analytics.
  • Customer support.
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50k - ∞ emails

Starting at $75

  • Optimized for Marketing/transactional
  • All feature from Basic plan.
  • Dynamic warmup based on AI.
  • Webhooks.
  • 100 Domains
  • Template warmup.
  • Domain warmup.
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Experience Email Excellence with Us.

Dive into the world of top-notch email solutions. Our bespoke Mail Transfer Agent, crafted with care from scratch, promises unmatched reliability and superior deliverability. It's designed to expertly manage every aspect of your email journey, ensuring a smooth, effective process every step of the way.

Per Month

Experience Lightning-Fast Email Delivery with Mailerever.


Add Your Domain

Begin by integrating your domain with Mailerever. It's a simple, straightforward process designed to get you up and running without any hassle.

Verify DNS Records

With a few clicks, confirm your DNS records. This crucial step ensures secure and reliable email communication from your domain.


Start Sending

You're all set! Start sending transactional emails instantly. Whether it's order confirmations, password resets, or personalized notifications, reach your audience effectively and efficiently.

Integrate Mailerever into Your Tech Stack.

Enhance your technology suite with Mailerever's transactional email capabilities.

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