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Send Your Receipt and Invoice Emails with Mailerever


Mailerever guarantees impressive delivery rates, ensuring your invoices land right in the inbox.


Gain clarity on customer engagement with Mailerever's 45-day activity history to see if your invoice was opened.


Utilize bounce webhooks for real-time alerts to your support team in case of email bounces, enabling prompt follow-up with customers.


Expiration Emails for Free Trials

Transactional emails can be activated by user inactivity as well. For instance, you might inform a customer via email when their product's free trial period is nearing its end, prompting them to switch to a paid plan.

  1. Vector 24With open and link tracking, assess the effectiveness of your trial expiration emails in converting customers to paid plans.

  2. Vector 24Utilize Mailerever's template features for effortless creation and management of your trial expiration emails.

  3. Vector 24Rely on Mailerever's excellent deliverability to ensure your emails consistently reach the intended inboxes.

Invitation Emails for Users

Emails dispatched by an application to encourage a user to sign up or join a team fall under the category of transactional emails. Typically initiated by a user's action, these emails include a special invitation link and are anticipated by the recipient.

  1. Vector 24Guarantee swift delivery of invitations directly to your users' inboxes.

  2. Vector 24With open and link tracking, pinpoint users who have opened the invitation but haven't yet registered for an account.

  3. Vector 24Employ Mailerever templates for a streamlined process in crafting and handling your invitation emails.


Password Reset Emails

Password reset emails are a ubiquitous form of transactional communication, sent by nearly every application that offers user account creation. When it comes to sending these crucial messages, here are three compelling reasons to choose Mailerever:

  1. Vector 24Swift Delivery Assurance: Guarantee the prompt delivery of your password reset emails, ensuring that users never experience unnecessary delays in regaining access to their accounts.

  2. Vector 24Enhanced Security with DMARC: Easily establish DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) to safeguard your users against phishing attempts aimed at stealing their passwords. Protect their online identities with confidence.

  3. Vector 24Streamlined Template Management: Mailerever's template feature simplifies the creation and administration of email templates for your password reset emails. Effortlessly maintain consistency and professionalism in your email communications.

Notification Emails

In the digital realm, notifications are an indispensable aspect of numerous web applications. From updating customers about their orders on an e-commerce platform to alerting users about new comments on a social network, email notifications serve as a vital link for engaging with your audience.

  1. Vector 24Mailerever ensures prompt delivery of notification emails to users' inboxes, enabling them to take necessary actions based on the notifications.

  2. Vector 24Mailerever offers valuable data on user engagement through its open and link tracking tools, allowing businesses to effectively measure user interactions with their notification emails.

  3. Vector 24Mailerever's webhook features enhance application functionality by allowing app notifications when users open emails, automatically marking them as read within the application.


Elevate Your Email Experience with Mailerever

Welcome to, where sending transactional emails becomes an experience you'll absolutely adore. Here's why you'll fall in love with Mailerever:

Effortless Start

Dive into the world of email marketing with ease. Our API and SMTP integration are designed for simplicity and speed, enabling you to start sending in just minutes.

Historical Insight

With Mailerever, you're equipped with a default 45-day comprehensive email history, empowering you to troubleshoot with precision. And if your needs are unique, we've got you covered with customizable history options ranging from 7 to 365 days.

Unparalleled Email Tracking

Step into the light with our detailed open and delivery tracking. Every email sent is an opportunity for insight, ensuring you're always ahead of the game.

Engaging, Responsive Templates

Our suite of responsive templates is crafted to make your transactional emails stand out. Whether it's a warm welcome message or a critical password reset, our templates are designed to engage and impress.

Bounce Management Made Simple

Keep a pulse on bounced emails with our intuitive web dashboard or use our webhooks for seamless integration with your app. Staying informed has never been easier.

World-Class Support at Your Fingertips

Our knowledgeable customer success team is here to support you every step of the way. Available whenever you need us, we're committed to ensuring your Mailerever experience is seamless and successful.

At Mailerever, we're passionate about transforming your transactional email process into a delightful and effective journey. Join us and discover the joy of seamless email communication!


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