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Understanding SMTP

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an established protocol used for email transmission. It is natively supported by most development frameworks, eliminating the need for additional libraries. This makes SMTP an efficient choice for integrating transactional email capabilities into web applications.

Effortless Email Integration with SMTP

Integrating SMTP for email dispatch in your web application is straightforward. Simply input specific credentials into your configuration file, and you're set to begin email transmission.


Enhanced Security with TLS Support

Mailerever prioritizes the security of your data during transmission from your application to our servers by supporting TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Advanced Email Tracking with Custom Metadata

Customize your email tracking by adding unique metadata such as invoice numbers and customer IDs. These identifiers help track emails throughout their lifecycle, accessible through the Postmark API, webhooks, and our web interface.

Incorporate custom headers for SMTP-based emails, like:

  • X-PM-Metadata-invoice-id: 123

  • X-PM-Metadata-customer-id: 4011

  • X-PM-Metadata-due-date: 2021-07-03

Organize Emails Using Tags

Group similar message types effortlessly using tags within the Mailerever platform or via our API. For instance, categorize all welcome emails with a 'welcome-email' tag.

Implement this feature by adding a tag header in SMTP emails:

  • X-PM-Tag: welcome-email

Developer-Friendly SMTP Guide

Mailerever offers clear, detailed documentation to facilitate your SMTP setup. We guide you through advanced features like tags and custom metadata, and provide insights into common issues for a smooth experience.


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